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Story Behind the Song - Two Thumbs Up


Two Thumbs Up - Story Behind the Song

We've all been missing the live music venues and concerts, and being able to mingle and sing like we used to. In our community, we have seen many of our live music venues close. This is a song we wrote together that recognizes what a gift it is to be able to make and appreciate live music, and the way that life feels so much better with live music than without.  May we all make it through these strange times and be able to reconnect, and have spontaneous "Fun for no particular reason!" (A reference to our favourite toast at the weekly open mics we used to host.)  Watch the video here.
Bruce: "This song began as an instrumental and hadn't yet been dubbed with a title or theme. One day when we were playing it out I asked my friend Jay who was at the gig how the song made him feel and what he might suggest for a song title. Without much deliberation, he said, "it's positive and uplifting, and I'd give it a two thumbs up." 
Judy: "So now that the song had a title and a theme, I tried to come up with some images that would invite the muse to fill in the blanks. One image that came to mind was this silly toast we used to share with friends pre-COVID when we hosted the open mics. We'd raise our glasses and say "To FUN for no particular reason!" We always got a laugh out of it, and whoever was sharing our table with us seemed to find it entertaining and it lifted the energy in the room. 
Bruce: When COVID hit and we all took the big pause, so did our role as hosts at the open mics. It made us appreciate the opportunities we'd had to play with other musicians and we both noticed what a difference live music makes to the ambience of an evening out. We did get to rehearse pretty regularly with another band we play with, so that was a bit of an oasis. 
Judy: We'd kind of taken some simple things for granted, like how therapeutic it is to be able to sing, to move around a room to mingle without a mask, to give and get hugs, and to feel lightened by the beat of a song and a cold beer. So when things started to open up, it was a two thumbs up kind of feeling. Meanwhile, there were some perks to hanging at home more, and I bought a little Ibanez short-scale bass. It was fun to learn the funky bass line to the song, and put on my "bass face". 
Bruce: So, in memory of our friend and guitar sparring partner Jay Navarro Merrick, we are starting off the new year with this song, and giving Jay a big two thumbs up. May he rest in peace. Thank you for giving this musical inspiration a great name.


Jay Navarro Merrick 
Rest in Peace, Friend